Time in West Virginia USA

West Virginia Time.     This West Virginia Time Analog Clock displays the current time now in West Virginia USA which is UTC-4:00 Hrs EST or Eastern Standard Time. The time in West Virginia running in the analog clock above is actually the DST or Daylight Saving Time introduced in March this year. DST will end in November. Thus the zone time in West Virginia is UTC-5:00 hours which is advanced by one hour in March with the start of DST to read UTC-4:00 hours. Then in November when DST ends , the time in West Virginia will be reversed back by one hour to read UTC-5:00 hours. Then in March next year and November next year DST will start and end respectively and the clocks will be advanced and reversed once again. This process will continue to repeat as long as DST time is announced in West VirginiaUSA. You may View Time in East Virginia.

West Virginia USA Map