Time in Texas Parts USA

Parts of Texas Time.     This Texas Time Analog Clock displays the current time now in El Paso and Hudspeth counties and part of Culberson County which maintains a time of UTC−06:00 MST or Mountain Standard Time. The time in a few parts of Texas is what you see on the analog clock above. This time of the year, DST or Daylight Saving Time is in progress in these parts Texas. Daylight Saving Time is introduced to give an hour more daylight hours to the public. The DST came in March and will end in November. In March all the clocks in Texas were advanced by one hour in these parts of Texas Zone Time of UTC-7:00 hours such that the local time now is UCT-6:00 hours. In November this year, the extra one hour will be removed and Zone Time of UTC-7:00 hours will be restored. Once again DST will start in March next year and the clocks will be advanced by one hour. DST is an ongoing process.  However, Most of Texas USA time is UTC - 5:00 hours CST or Central Standard Time.

Texas USA Map