South Dakota East Time USA

South Dakota Eastern Half Time.     The above clock is running the current Time in South Dakota Eastern Half USA now. South Dakota Eastern Half Time now is 5:00 hours behind UTC or UTC - 5:00 hours CST or Central Standard Time. Presently DST or Daylight Saving Time is in force in Eastern Half of South Dakota. DST starts in March and ends in November every year normally. In March when Daylight Saving Time in Eastern Half of South Dakota commenced all the clocks were  added with one hour  to UTC - 5:00 hour. In November this year when DST ends one hour will be reduced from all clocks to read UTC - 6:00 hours which is the actual South Dakota Eastern Half Zone Time. When the Eastern Half of South Dakota maintains UTC-5:00 hours as its local time,  the Westerh Half of South Dakota uses UTC - 6:00 hours MST or Mountain Standard Time as its local time.

South Dakota USA Map