Time in Oklahoma USA

Oklahoma Time.     This Oklahoma Time Clock displays the current time now in Oklahoma USA which is UTC-5:00 Hrs CST or Central Standard Time. But Kenton, in Oklahoma unofficially uses Mountain Standard Time. The analog clock above displays UTC-5:00 hours DST or Daylight Saving Time in Oklahoma, USA. Daylight Saving Time is introduced in March and removed in November almost every year in Oklahoma. The original Oklahoma Zone Time is UTC-6:00 hours to which 1:00 hour has been added to make it UTC-5:00 hours DST. In November, that extra one hour will be reduced from UTC-5:00 hours to read UTC-6:00 hours. But when DST is reintroduced in March next year the clocks will once again be added with one hour to make it Daylight Saving Time.

Oklahoma USA Map