Time in North Dakota USA

North Dakota Time.     This US North Dakota Time Clock displays the current time now in North Dakota USA which is UTC - 5:00 Hrs CST or Central Standard Time. The time in North Dakota as per its time zone is UTC-6:00 hours. But during DST or Daylight Saving Time in North Dakota, all the clocks are advanced by 1:00 hour from UTC-6:00 hours to UTC-5:00 hours. This is done in the month or March normally. And in November, the clocks will be rolled back by one hour to UTC-6:00 hours. Once again in March next year the Daylight Saving Time will be enforced and the clocks will be advanced by an hour. This goes on as long as DST is announced by the government every year.

Although, UTC - 6:00 hour is the time maintained in most of North Dakota, there are a few places maintaining UTC - 6:00 hours also like West of the Missouri River (except Morton and Oliver counties, and parts of Dunn, McKenzie, and Sioux counties are all of which are maintaining UTC−06:00 MST or Mountain Standard Time

North Dakota USA Map