Time in Idaho USA

Idaho Time.     This US Idaho Time Clock displays the current time now in Idaho USA which is UTC-6:00 Hrs MT or Mountain Time. At this time in Idaho Daylight Saving Time or DST is in force till November. The time in Idaho will be reduced by one hour back to the normal time in Idaho in November till March next year when the DST period will come back in force.

A legislative error in Calder Act in 1918 put this area into the UTC minus 6:00 hours CST or Central Standard Time. But later this error was fixed by the Congress recently in 2007 to be UTC minus 7:00 hours Mountain Standard Time MST. Notwithstanding all these since 1918 Idaho has been following Mountain Standard Time all through.

Time in Parts of Idaho UTC−07:00 PST Pacific Standard Time of UTC minus 7:00 hours is maintained in parts of Idaho starting with north of the Salmon River, that is between Oregon state border and Idaho County/Lemhi County border and then west of the Idaho County/Lemhi County border, that is between the Salmon River and the Montana state border.

Idaho USA Map