Time in Belgium (Europe)

What is the time in Belgium (Europe)

The current local time in Belgium is running in the analog clock you see above. The Belgium time is set to UTC+1:00 hours also called as CET or Central European Time. Belgium DST or Daylight Saving Time is implimented from last Sunday of March till last Sunday of October. During the DST period the time in Belgium is one hour ahead of the Belgium Zone Time of UTC+1:00 hours and on completion the time is rolled back to the zone time again. This one hour advanced Daylight Saving Time or DST or UTC+2:00 hours implemented in Summer is also called CEST or Central European Summer Time. Normally the time is advanced at 2:00 am and is rolled back at 3:00 am so that the time is effectively changes at 2 am for a used in Belgium or anywhere else in the world trying to find time in Belgium.

Belgium Time History

The Country of Belgium has time zone set at one hour ahead of the UTC or GMT. But throughout the year the Belgium time is not one hour ahead of UTC but for the past over a 100 years starting from 1916 Belgium government has been observing something called a DST or Daylight Saving Time  between the last Sunday in the month of March till the last Sunday of October where in the clocks are advanced by one hour at 2 am and rolled back in October at 3 am respectively. This is done to give more daylight time to the Belgium citizen who will wake up late and go home in dark hours like winter. If the DST is implemented then the people in Summer will go back from work one hour earlier and start using electricity causing high power bills and will get less sleep because the sun sets late. Since 2016 the Belgium government has established DST 72 times. The last time DST was not established in Belgium was in 1976. In fact starting from 1947 till 1975 Belgium government did not establish Daylight Saving Time at all. So in future also you may see some years where in the DST is not implemented by the Belgium government. But worldover there is a movement against DST and some day Daylight Saving Time may be totally done away with in Belgium also.