Time in Belarus (Europe)

What is the time in Belarus (Europe)

The current local time in Belarus is being shown on the Analog Clock seen above. The time in Belarus is always maintained at Belarus time zone time of UTC+3:00 hours thoroughout the year because Belarus does not use DST or Daylight Saving Time. The Belarus time of UTC+3:00 hours is called MST or Moscow Standard Time.

Belarus Daylight Saving Time

Belarus has been maintaining DSt or Daylight Saving Time till 2011 regularly every year. There was a break of 2 years when Belarus did not use DST and then once again in 2014 DST was implemented. DST in Belarus is usually started on the last Sunday of March and ends some time on the last Sunday of October whenever DST was used. In 2015 till now Daylight Saving Time is not being used by Belarus government. In fact most countries are doing away DST slowly because the intented benefits of saving in power consumption etc are not being achieved.