Time in Armenia (Europe)

What is the time in Armenia (Europe)

The analog clock above is running the current local time now in Armenia which is UTC+4:00 hours. At this time in Armenia there is No DST or Daylight Saving Time being followed and hence the time in Armenia will always remain UTC+4:00 hours throughout the year or 4:00 hours in advance of the UTC.

Armenia is in Europe or Asia?

Geographically at this time Armenia is in Asia. However, culturally Armenia is considered in Europe. Armenia is located in coodinates 40o 11' North and 44o 31' East. Officially the Republic of Armenia is a sovereign state in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia with Yerevan as its Capital. Armenia is located in the Western Asia on the armenian Highland with Turkey on its west and Georgia to its north with Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan to its east and with Iran on its south. The First republic of Armenia was declared on 28 May 1918 but by the time Armenia gained complete independence from Soviet Union the time and date was 21st september 1991.

Area and Population At this Time in Armenia (Europe)

At this time in Armenia the total area is 29,743 square kilometers which is ranked at 141st in the world. Out of this about 4.7% area is covered by wate at this time. The Population of Armenia is estimated at this time in 2016 as 2,998,600 people. However, in 2011 sensus was taken which found 3,018,854 people residing at that time in Armenia thus giving a population density of about 102 people per square kilometer making Armenia the 99th most populated country in the world at that time. The population of Armenia at this time is 97.9% Armenian, 1.3% Yazidis, 0.5% are Russian and the remaining 0.3$ are others.

GDP  & Currency at this Time in Armenia

At this time in Armenia the GDP(PPP) as per 2015 estimate is about $25,323 billion with a per capita of $8,468. The GDP(nominal) is estimated at the same time in Armenia at $10.57 billion with a per capita at $3,535. The Currency used in Armenia at this time is  Dram (AMD or Armenian Dram)  Armenia ISO 3166 code is AM and its internet TLD is .am

Languages at this Time in Armenia (Europe)

At this time in Armenia the Official Language is Armenian. But spoken lanugage at this time in Armenia is Eastern Armenian and the Official Script of Armenia is called Armenian Alphabet at this time.

Climate at this Time in Armenia (Europe)

At this time in Armenia, the climate happens to be Continental in which Summers are really dry and sunny starting from Jun to mid September monhs. The temperature may vary from 22 to 36 deg Centigrade or 72 to 97 deg F with low humidity levels which does not make one feel sweaty at all despite the high temperatures. The mountains cool down in the evening and cool breeze blows down these hills making the night fairly cool and pleasent. At this time in Armenia, Autumns are long with vibrant colourful nature it brings with it. Spring is fairly short duration and Winters become real cold and below freezing temperatures.

Tourism at this Time in Armenia

Tourism at this time in Armenia is yet to pickup. But Armenia has had good economic growth since 1995 and the inflation has also been negligible since that time. With the opening up of new sectors like precious stone processing and jwewllery making, information technology etc, the tourism has started pickingup a slow pace. Trouism at this time in Armenia is also supplementing the agricultural and even traditional sectors of economy. The Winters at this time in Armenia get real cold and temperatures go below freezing to -10 deg C or 23 deg F which makes tourism in Armenia grow with the ideal skiing spot especially down the hills of Tsakhkadzor which is about 30 minutes drive just outside Yerevan. The world's second largest lake in the world is Lake sevan which is also in Armenia in the Armenian highlands at an unusual altitude at 1900 meters or 6234 feet above mean sea level also has the potential to draw tourists to Armenia.

Government at this Time in Armenia (Europe)

At this time in Armenia, the government is Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic. At this time there is a President and a Prime Minister in Armenia with a legislature called National Assembly. The government of Armenia is more of a representative democracy. As per the Constitution of Armenia at this time the President is the head of the state and also of a multi party system. All the Executive Power is excercised by the government and Legislative Power is vested in both the government as well as the parliament combined.

At this time in Armenia, the Unicameral Parliament is called the Azgayin Zhoghov or in other words, National Assembly which is controlled by the coalition of four different political parties which is called the Conservative Republican Party, the Prosperous Armenia Party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and the Rule of Law Party. The major opposition party is Raffi Hovannisian Heritage Party. At this time the Armenian Government is trying to build up a Parliamentary Democracy similar to and based on the Western Parliamentary democracy which has a universal suffrage above the age of eighteen years. At this time Armenia is a member of over 40 international organizations including the United Nations, Council of Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the World Trade Organisation, the World Customs Organization, the Asian Development Bank, the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and the La francophonie in addition to being a member of the CSTO Military Alliance and NATO Partnership for Peace program etc. At this time Armenia is also maintaining good relationship with almost all the countries in the world except probably Turkey and Azerbaijan which are its neighbours.

Why the Name Armenia?

Armenia the name in Lainized form of Greek word Armenia which means the Land of the Armeniol as attested in the fifth century BC from the Old Persian armina, which was attested in the late sixth century BC. The name Armenia is also claimed as a variant of Urmani or Urmenu which appears in an inscription of Menuas of Urartu which was proposed by the tribe of Hayasa Azzi known as the Armens.