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Time in Canada, North America.    Want to know what time is it any province in Canada, North America?  Click on any of the province link to get the current time now in that place. Each page has an analog clock running the current local time in that place with a short discription about the UTC time offset in each province in Canada. Scroll down to view the Canada provinces time list.


This Time in Canada

Canada is in North America. At this time, Canada consists of 13 political divisions. 10 of them are provinces and 03 of them are territories namely the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. All 13 territories and provinces in Canda are already listed above. To find time in any of these 13 places in Canada, just click on the links above and you will see a simple analog clock displaying the current local time in these places.

The major difference between the territory and province in Canada is due to the creation of the Constitution Act of 17 Apr 1982. The territories are created by federal law and thus the federal government has more direct control over these three territories where as the provincial governments have more competences and rights.

At this time in Canada, there are about 36,500 islands which make up much of Northern Canada which were surrendered to Canada by Britain in 1880. Similarly, the Hudson's Bay company sold Rupert's Land and the North Western Territory to Canada in 870 or so. These territories later came to be known as the Northwest Territories.

At this time in Canada, the Northwest Territories are known as the provinces Manitoba (1871), Alberta and Saskatchewan (1905) and later were integrated into the provinces Manitoba in 1912 and Ontario. Later in 1898 following the Gold Rush the Yukon became a separte territorial administration and in 1999 Nunavut was also separated as a territory with its own administration.