Time in Saskatchewan (Canada)

What is the Time in Saskatchewan (Canada)

The time in Saskatchewan is being displayed live on the analog clock you see above. The Zone time in Saskatchewan is UTC-6:00 hours Central Standard Time. Saskatchewan does not use DST or Daylight Saving Time at all. Even though the province of Saskatchewan is geographically located in the Mountain Time zone in Canada. Because of this location the province of Saskatchewan effectively using the Daylight Saving Time throughout the year and as result the clocks are not advanced by the usual one hour between March or reverted back in November as is done everywhere else in Canada. At this time Saskatchewan does not follow DST or Daylight Saving Time at all except in the city of Lloydminster located partly in Saskatchewan and partly in Alberta because of which it observes Mountain Time year long and also uses DST between March and November during which its time becomes same as being followed in Saskatchewan in these months.

Time in Saskatchewan Canada - MapLand Water Areas at this time in Saskatchewan

At this time in Saskatchewan in Canada is ranked seventh largest province with an area of 651,900 sqare kilometers out of which the land area is 591,670 square kilometers and water covered area is 9.1% amounting to 59,366 square kilometers. At this time Saskatchewan covers about 6.5% of the total area of Canada. Saskatchewan has many rivers, reserviors and over a 100,000 lakes and thus 22,900 square kilometers is nothing but fresh water area.

Population at this Time in Saskatchewan

At this time in Saskatchewan the population is estimated to be about 1,142,000. The 2011 Census showed that 1,033,381 people live in Saskatchewan province of Canada. The GDP is totalling to C$74.7 billion, with a per capita GDP of almost $70,654 ranking as fourth in the entire Canada. The population in Saskatchewan was about 91,279 which increased by five times in just 10 years (1911). The next ten years saw it increase by another 60%. By 1951 the population had become  831,728 which is more than 08 rimes from 1901. The population figures crossed one million for just one year in 1986 and since then it is declining till 2001 and started picking up again. Notwithstnading all this, the maximum population lives on the southern prairie half of the province whilst the northern half is mostly forest and has hardly got any people living there. The population in Saskatchewan based its economy basically in agriculture, mining and energy. The population of Saskatchewan has been around for thousands of years when indigenous groups live there, till the Europeans came exploring the region in 1690 and settled by 1774.

Saskatchewan Capital

The Capital of Saskatchewan is Regina. The largest city in Saskatchewan in Canada is Saskatoon  and the largest metropolitan is also Saskatoon metropolitan.

Languages at this time in Saskatchewan

At this time in Saskatchewan, the official languages are English and French only. English in the schools helped in building stability in the economy of Saskatchewan as it helped the community to communicate with others and goods could be traded and sold in a common language.

Climate at this time in Saskatchewan

At this time in Saskatchewan in Canada, the climate is known to be extremely continental which causes very severe winters throughout the province. The southern part however has very warm or even hot summers with Midale and Yellow Grass near US border have recorded the highest temperatures anywhere in Canada at 45 deg C (113 deg F) sometime in July 1937. In winters the temperature dips down to -45 deg C (-49 deg F).

Tourism at this time in Saskatchewan

At this time in Saskatchewan tourism is given a lot of boost. There are many heritage and cultural attractions in the province of Saskatchewan. There are numerous Museums, dinosaur digs, aboriginal cultural and heritage sites, art galleries, professional sports venues, spas, agricultural tours, antiques to see, theatre and archaeological sites and more than 600 odd varied Saskatchewan institutions, natinoal parks, grasslands, etc for the tourist to visit and experience. It is known that at this time in Saskatchewan the newest tourist attraction is the Gull Lake Interpretive Center in the West of Gull Lake along the Trans Canada highway run by non profit charity.

Government at this time in Saskatchewan

At this time in Saskatchewan in Canada, the government is of Constitutional Monarchy with a Lieutenant Governor and Premier and a Legislative Assembly. In the Canadian Parliament, the province of Saskatchewan is represented by 14 House Seats out of 338 which is 4.1%, and 6 Senate Seats out of 105 which is 5.7% representation. The social democratic government existing at this time in Saskatchewan was first elected in 1944. The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of the Queen in Right of Saskatchewan.

Why Named Saskatchewan?

It is said that the name Saskatchewan came from the River under the same name Saskatchewan. The river was known originally as Kisiskaciwani-sipiy which means Swift Flowing River in the Cree Language.