Nunavut Western Time (Canada)

What is the Time in Nunavut West (Canada)

At this time Nunavut has three time zones. The analog clock you see above displays the time in Western Nunavut (west of 102 deg West) which is in the zone time of UTC-7:00 hours Mountain Standard Time. But you get to see an hour added to the during the months of March to November when Daylight Saving Time or DST is in force. Thus the analog clock above will be showing you the daylight saving time in the Western Nunavut between March to November.  In November the DST will cease and the original zone time of Western Nunavut of UTC-7:00 hours Mountain Standard Time will be restored. The areas west of 102 deg West and all communites in the Kitikmeot Region in Nunavut maintains this time. The Kitikmeot region consists of the souther and eastern parts of Victoria Island with all thea adjacent parts of the mainland as far as the Boothia Peninsula along with King William Island as well as the southern portion of prince of wales island.