Time in New Brunswick (Canada)

What is the Time in New Brunswick (Canada)

The current local time in New Brunswick, Canada is being displayed in the Analog Clock you see on top running live. The time in New Brunswick will be DST or Daylight Saving Time between the months of March and November because DST is enforced in March every year and will continue till November. In March, the New Brunswick standard time of UTC-4:00 hours gets advanced by 1:00 hour to give an hour of extra daylight hour to the public. This extra one hour will be removed in November back to UTC-4 hours. Every year the process of DST will repeat in March and November.

Time in New Brunswick Canada - MapLand Water Areas at this time in New Brunswick

At this time New Brunswick is ranked as eleventh in the area covered in Canada with 72,900 square kilometers out of which 71,450 square kilometer is land area and 1,458 square kilometers or just about 2% out of the total area is covered with water. The New Brunswick thus covers only 0.7% of the total land area of Canada which is 9.98 million square kilometers. Thus comparatively New Brunswick province of Canada is actually very small compared to other provinces.

Population at this Time in New Brunswick

At this time in New Brunswick, Canada the 2016 estimated populatin is 755,800. However the last census in 2011 population figure stands at 751,171. The population density of 10.51 people per square kilometer was the figure as per 2011 census in New Brunswick, Canada. The population of New Brunswick, Canada was just 193,800 in 1851. By 1901 it was 331,120 and by 1951 the population grew up to 515,697. In 2001 the population stood at 729,498 and in 2011 we have 751,171. That gives a good estimate at the rate of population growth over time in New Brunswick, Canada.

New Brunswick Capital

At this time the Capital of New Brunswick, Canada is Fredericton. However, Moncton is the largest metroplitan area where as Saint John happens to be the most populous city in New Brunswick, Canada.

Languages at this time in New Brunswick

At this time in New Brunswick, Canada, most people speak English. But there is also a large Francophone minority of about 33% making up 246,000 people who are mainly of Acadian origin. The province also has about 33.2% of people who are able to speak both English and French. Thus New Brunswick, Canada has two official languages which are English and French at this time. Thus the constitution of New Brunswick, Canada declares that the French and English speaking communities have equal rights and privilages including the specific cultural and educational institutions. Other spoken languages at this time in New Brunswick, Canada are Mikmaq about 3000 people, Chinese, Korean, German, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch and Tagalog with less than 500 to 2000 people speaking these languages.

Climate at this time in New Brunswick

At this time in New Brunswick, Canada, the climate is humid continental. The winters are slightly mild in the St Lawrence coastal areas but are colder than those found in Nova Scotia in the far north province above subarctic regions due to the greater continental influence. The summers in New Brunswick, Canada is warm and sometimes becomes hot at this time in New Brunswick, Canada.

Tourism at this time in New Brunswick

At this time in New Brunswick, Canada, tourism is given high priority. The province is divided into five scenic drives namely Fundy, Coastal Drive, Miramichi River Route, River Valley Scenic Drive, Acadian Coastal Drive and Appalachian Range Route. Each and every drive has provincian as well as municipal visitor info centers all through. The Saint John has a large tourism industry including cruise ships. New Brunswick, Canada also boasts of the New Brunswick Museum, Minister's Island the Grand Mana Island, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Kings Landing Historical Settlement, Village Historical Acadien, Hopewell Rocks, La Dune de Bouctouche, Reversing Falls, Magnetic Hill with Zoo, Magic Mountain, the National Wildlife Preserve of Cape Jourimain, Waterfowl Park of sackville and Fundy Hiking Trail of about 41 kilometers etc to name a few which are all available at this time.

Government at this time in New Brunswick

At this time in New Brunswick, Canada, the government is of Constitutional Monarchy with a Lieutenant Governor and a Premier. The New Brunswick, Canada, has a Legislative Assembly. However, the Canadian Parliament has 10 House seats out of 338 or just 3% seats. At this time New Brunswick, Canada also has 10 out of 105 or 9.5% Senate Seats in the Canadian Parliament. The New Brunswick legislative chamber was built in 1882 because the original build which was called Province Hall was destroyed in fire in 1880. In 2014, the 58th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly was elected into power.

Why Named New Brunswick?

Like any other place getting a name there is a story for New Brunswick, Canada also. The province was named after a city called Braunschweig located in the present time Lower Saxony in Northern Germany which was also called formerly as the duchy of the same name. Braunschweig in English is called Brunswick. Braunschweig is also the ancestral home of the British monarch Geroge I and his successors as well.