Time in New South Wales (Australia)

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What is the Time in New South Wales in Australia

The current local time in .New South Wales or NSW is running live on the analog clock seen above. UTC+10:00 AEST or Australian Eastern Standard Time  is the Zone Time of New South Wales except Broken HIlls. However, New South Wales maintains DST or Daylight Saving Time since the year 1971 and hence every year on the first Sunday of October, the clock gets added with one hour to read a time 11 hours ahead of the UTC time instead of 10 hours which will now be called AEDT or Australian Eastern Daylight Time. This extra one hour is maintained till the first Sunday of April. At 2:00 am on the first Sunday of April next year the DST ends and the extra one hour is removed to the read the timein New South Wales once again as its zone time of UTC+10:00 hours AEST. Broken Hills however maintains a different time being a mining city far west of the outback New South Wales and located near the border with South Australia. Broken Hills time zone is UTC+9:30 ACST or Australian Central Standard Time and during DST it maintains UTC+10:30 ACDT or Australian Central Daylight Time.

Area and Population at this Time in New South Wales

At this time in New South Wales, the total land area is 809,444 square kilometers which is the fifth largest state in Australia. Out of this just 1% area of 8,802 square kilometers is covered by water. The census in Mar 2016 indicates that  the population of New South Wales is 7,704300 people residing at this time in New South Wales. This makes the population density of New South Wales of 9.6 people residing per suqare kilometer. The original inhabitants of New South Wales were aboriginals who arrived about 60,000 years back. It is estimated that there were  about 250,000 of them before the European settlement made by Captain James Cook in 1770. The principal ancestries of New South Wales as surveyed in 2011 brings out that there are 25% Australian, 24% English, 7.5% Irish, 6% scottish and 4.3% Chinese people residing in the New South Wales. Amazingly at this time over 62% of the New South Wales people are residing in Sydney, which also happens to be the Central Business District and Australia's largest financial center.

More About New South Wales

The Australian state of New South Wales was established as a colony in 26 Jan 1788 by the UK. is located on the east coast of Australia with Queensland on its north, South Australia to its West, Tasman Sea to its east and Victoria to its South. Sydney is the Capital of New South Wales whichis located in the coordinates of 32o9'42"S 147o01'04"N. A respponsible government came in the New South Wales sometime in 1855. It is common knowledge that the Olympics of 2000 were held in Sydney.

Climate at this Time in New South Wales

At this time in New South Wales, the climate is Arid to semi Arid with about 15 cm to 50 cm of rainfall yearly. The summers are very hot and winter nights are very cold. The western parts of the Great Dividing Range gets higher rainfall of about 60 cm spread out throughout the year. The highest recorded average yearly temperature was 49.7 deg C or 121.5 deg F on 10 Jan 1939 and the lowest recorded lowest ever yearly temperature was -23 deg C or -9.4 deg F.on 29 Jun 1994. These figures excludes the Antarctic Territory.

Tourism at this Time in New South Wales

At this time in New South Wales, Tourism is has become an important part of the New South Wales Economy worth US Dollar 25.1 Billion and Sydney is the most important tourism center stimulating growth on the Northern Coast around Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay. At this time New South Wales has about 7% of its work force employed in the Tourism sector. With over 780 national parks and reserves covering about 8% of the land area at this time in New South Wales ranging from rain forests, water falls, rugged bush to marine wonder lands and not to forget the outback deserts including World Herigate Areas, tourism has to grow.

Government at this Time in New South Wales

At that time in New South Wales, a responsible government was constituted in 1856. Some timein 1901 it became an Australian state and the Australian State Democratic Administrative Authority came in. At tis time the New South Wales government has a legislature which is the Parliament of the New South Wales which has the NSW Legislative Council and NSW Legislative Assembly which meets in the Parliament House. The executive branch of the New South Wales has the Ministery as the main organ with a leader or Premier, an Appointer called Governor and has a judicial branch with the Supreme Court which is in Sydney. The New South Wales is governed according to the principles of the Westminister system which is a parliamentary system of government based on the model of United Kingdom. The Governor represents the crown in the New South Wales and the two houses NSW legislative council or the Upper House and the NSW Legislative Assembly or the Lower House . The Governor exercises the power through the Executive Council which consists of the Governor and the senior ministers. The Governor also appoints the Premier and Ministers. The Premier is the leader of the Parliamentary political party which commands the majority of votes in a the Legislative Assembly. The Premier recommends the appointment of various ministers. thereafter.  At this time New South Wales 128 local government areas.

Languages at this Time in New South Wales

The Official language at this time in New South Wales is English which is spoken by about 80% of people. Arabic is also spoken by about 2.7% population. Mandarin by 2% people, Cantonese by 2%, Vietnamese by 1.3%, Greek by 1.3%, Italian by 1.2% and less than 1% each speak Filipino, Tagalog, Spanish, Hindi and Korean etc. Other languages spoken at this time in New South Wales are Wiradhuric (Wiradhuri, Ngiyambaa, Gamilaraay), then Dyangadi (Dyangadi, Nganyaywana), Worimi (Worimi, Awabakal), Muruwarri and Barranbinja.

Why is it named New South Wales?

Originally the Europeans discovered the New South Wales in 1770 and called the Eastern coast as New Holland which is now called Australia. They named New South Wales as New Wales. Later the British settlement came which is called in the Australian history as the first fleet led by Arthur Phillip in 1788 till 1792 where in the name was changed by the Admirality to New south Wales.