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What is the Time in Lord Howe Island in Australia

The current local time in Lord Howe is displayed on the analog clock running live above. The Zone Time in Lord Howe Island in Australia is UTC+10:30 hours which is the LHST or Lord Howe Standard Time. However, at this time in Lord Howe Island in Australia, DST or Daylight Saving Time is used between October and April. This means that the clock time in Lord Howe Island in Australia zone time will be added with 30 minutes to read UTC+11:00 hours which is called the LHDT or the Lorde Howe Daylight Saving Time on the first Sunday of October and then the 30 minutes extra time will be reverted back to read the original zone time of Lord Howe Island on the first Sunday of April next year. The Lord Howe Island in Australia is regulated by the Standard Time Act of 1987 which prescribes the time zone and DST etc. It is known that the unusual advancement of 30 minutes from zone time as DST is aimed at having the same time zone as many parts of New South Wales when the state observes DST.

Area, Population and GDP at this Time in Lord Howe Island

At this time in Lord Howe Island comprises of 28 islands with a combined area of 14.55 square kilometers. There is hardly any area covered by water. The Census in 2011 confirms the total population as just 360 people living on these islands. Tourists are restricted to 400 people at any given time. The population density thus comes to about 24 people per square kilometer.

Climate at this Time in Lord Howe Island

At this time in Lord Howe Island, the climate is classified to be of subtropical climate type. Actually the climate is Humid Subtropical Climate. The summer temperatures are mild with ocassional heavy showers where as the winters are cool with uniform rainfall. The summer gets the easterly winds which carry salt from the rough seas generated by these easterly winds and in the winters get the westerlies. The most winds are felt in the month of July.  The highest temperature ever recorded at any time in history is 31.3 deg C or 88.3 deg F and the lowest was recorded at 05.9 deg C or 42.6 deg F. The average yearly temperatures are between 22 to 17 deg C or 72 to 62 deg F. At this time Lord Howe Island in Australia receives about 150 cm rain on an average spread over 205 days in a year. The remaining about 67 odd days have clear skies. The climate of Lord Howe Island in Australia is ideal for cultivation of Kentia Palm. The Kentia Palm seed export is a main part of the economy of the Lord Howe Island at this time.

Tourism at this Time in Lord Howe Island

At this time in Lord Howe Island, Tourism is one of the main part of the islands economy. Considering its location and size, the government has kept a cap on the number of tourists at any time in these island at 400 people to ease the pressure on the resources in the small island. Tourists visit Lord Howe Island by air from Sydney or Brisbane in about two hours. At this time the tourist activities in Lord Howe Island includes Scuba diving, Birdwatching, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Fishing, Surfing etc. The necessisities are shipped from Port Macquarie by the Island Trader. The Lord Howe Island in Australia also has a small hospital with just about four beds. Power comes from diesel generators. There is no public transport or mobile phone towers but public telephone, fax and internet facilities are available.

Tourist Activities at this Time in Lord Howe Island in Australia

Accommodation available at this time in Lord Howe Island in Australia are villas and luxury lodges and appartments. There are two banks and Australian Dollar is used as currency in the Island. Tourists will have to refrain from climbing trees as recreational activity because the government has prohibited climbing to protect the Lord Howe Island stick insect which are in the list of endangered species. To top it all tourists may have to use rain water harvested in tanks and bore well water for washing and bathing like the islanders do even at this time. But there is a 9 hole Golf course, lawn bowls, tennis and deep sea game fishing if a trouist wants to indulge in Lord Howe Island in Australia. Tourists can also enjoy Kayaking, Wind surfing, Kite Surfing, Yatching, glass bottom boat tours, snorkling, scuba diving etc in the lagoons which suddenly drops to some 120 feet depth where black correl and gorgonia grows on the vertical walls.

Government at this Time in Lord Howe Island

At this time in Lord Howe Island, the government is called the Lord Howe Island Board which is a Statutory Authority under the provisions of the Lord Howe Island act passed in 1953. The board is responsible to the NSW Minister for the Environment. The Lord Howe Island Board forms part of the Department of Planning and Environment cluster which happens to be the lead New South Wales Government agency which has two related agencies called the Office of the Environment and Heritage and the other being the Office of the Local Government. It is the Office of the Local Government which oversees the functioning of the Lord Howe Island Board. The Board consists of 4 members elected by the local community and another 3 members appointed by the Minister. The board has the responsibility of complete management, control and care of the entire Lord Howe Island affairs and trade. Like any other government, this board is also entrusted with the responsibility of welfare and administration of all residents in all the islands constituting the Lord Howe Island in Australia at this time.

Languages at this Time in Lord Howe Island

The Official language at this time in Lord Howe Island is English. But some locals are known to speak Norfolk also.

Why is it named Lord Howe Island?

Lord Howe Island was first sighted by the crew of HMS Supply on 17 February 1788 whist sailing from the new settlement at Port Jackson to Norfold Islands to establish a new penel colony. The Commander of the ship Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball called the island as Lord Howe Island after Earl Richard Howe who was the First Lord of the Admirality as found out from the diaryes of the Master of HMS Supply David Blackburn who also praised the aboundance of turtles, fish and land birds on these islands. When they discovered the island there were no human being living at that time on Lord Howe Island. The first settlement was in 1833 by New Zealand settlers.