Time in Bangladesh (Asia)

What is the Current Local Time in Bangladesh Now

The Analog Clock above displays the current local time in Bangladesh also known as BST or Bangladesh Standarsplays  time. Bangladesh is located in Asia and its neighbour is India and maintains a time which is half an hour ahead of India. Bangladesh maintains a Zone time of UTC+6:00. Since in these parts of Asia there is no concept of DST or Daylight Saving Time, Bangladesh continuously maintains its standard zone time of UTC+6:00 hours throughout the year with out any change at all times.

History of Local Time in Bangladesh

Bangladesh time has also had a few changes in its history. Bangladesh used the Indian Standard Time between the 1858 and 1941 when India was under the British rule. More precisely the time used was UTC+5:53:20 hours which was also the time in Calcutta in India which is now a days called Kolkotta. But around the forties the time in Bangladesh was changed to UTC+6:30 hours in 1941, thereafter on May 15, 1942 the time was once again changed and this time to UTC+5:30 hours and withing five months on the first of September 1942 itself, the time in Bangladesh was changed to UTC+6:30 hours.

DST or Daylight Saving Time in Bangladesh

Daylight Saving Time was to be implemented in Bangladesh sometime in 2010. All the ministeries notably the Energy and Power Ministry was for the implementation of DST in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government decided to implement the DST starting from Jun for two months by advancing the time by exactly one hour in the midnight of June 19 til the midnight of September. The month of Jun was selected instead of April because the HSC or school examinations are held in May in Bangladesh. The aim was to reduce energy consumption. The total requirement of power was over 5800 MW where as Bangladesh could produce not more than 4000 MW those days. Power saved is power generated. The DST was implemented but was a complete failure because there was a lot of power shedding already and the weather was hot which lead people touse power whenever it was available. The DST was cancelled and the time was offset back to UTC+6:00 hours on the midnight of December 31, 2009. Daylight Saving Time in Bangladesh was to be once again restored on 31 March till 31 October in 2010. But the Bangladesh government cancelled the DST scheme for ever citing public interest. Since then UTC+6:00 hours has remained as the Bangladesh Standard Time which is maintained throughout the year.