Time in Bahrain (Asia)

What is the Current Local Time in Bahrain Now

The Analog Clock seen above shows the current local time in Bahrain which is in the continent of Asia. Bahrain is in the group of Arabian countries and thus the Bahrain Standard Time is infact called the AST or Arabian Standard Time. The time zone of Bahrain is UTC+3:00 hours or the local time in Bahamas is always 3:00 hours ahead of the Universal Coordinated Time or UTC originally called as the Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. GMT is now a days considered as just another time zone. At this time Bahrain does not use DST or Daylight Saving Time and therefore the clock will show the current local time throughout the year with any changes.

About Bahrain at this Time

At this time Bahrain is located in the Arabian Peninsula. At this time the Capital of Bahrain is Manama which is located in coordinates 26o 13' N, 50o 35' E. Bahrain is consisting of about 30 islands. Officially the Kingdom of Bahrain is actually an Island country. Bahrain is located near the West shores of the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. The largest land mass is Bahrain Island. At this time Bahrain is the third smallest nation in Asia after Maldives and Singapore.

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Bahrain - History of Independence

Till the 19th century the Bahrain peral fisheries were considered as the best in the world. Bahrain is the site where the Dilmun Civilisation flourished in the early time. Bahrain was occupied by the Portuguese in 1521 who got expelled by the Shah Abbas of the Safavid Dynasty under the Persian empire in 1602 and in 1783 the Bani Utbah clan caputred Bahrain and was since ruled by the Al Khalifa royal family. The British Bahrain came in the late 1800s with a treaty with Britain as a Protectorate of the United Kingdom. On 14 Aug 1971 Bahrain declared independence from the United Kingdom. Originally a state, till 2001, Barhain was declared a Kingdom in the year 2002.

Area and Population at this Time in Bahrain

The total area of Bahrain at this time is 765 square kilometers standing at 173rd position in the world areawise, Bahrain at this time has hardly any area covered by water. The population of Bahrain at this time in 2016 is estimated at 1,378,000 people making it stand at 155th position in the world population wise. In 2010 the population was estabilished by Census as 1,234,571 giving a population density of 1,626 people per square kilometers which is very high and that makes Bahrain stand at 155th position in the world in population density wise. The Bahrain calling Code is +973, ISO 316 Code is BH and Internet TLD is .bh at this time.

Ethnic Groups at this  Time in Bahrain

Over a short time Bahrain has developed a diverse set of ethnic groups. Out of the 1.3 million people residing at this time  in Bahrain about 51% Arabs and only 46% Bahraini people out of which 45.5% are South Asian, 1.6% are African, 1% European and 1.2% people are from the rest parts of the world.

GDP and Currency at this time in Bahrain

At this time in Bahrain, the GDP(PPP) estimated in 2015 is US Dollar 36,393 billion thus bringing Bahamas at this time to the 96th position in the world with a per capita standing at 31st position with US Dollar 29,789. The GDP(Nominal) estimated in 2015 is US Dollar 29,598 billion making Bahamas stand at 98th position in the world with a per capita of US Dollar 24,228. At this time in Bahrain the currency in use is Bahraini Dinar or BHD. But thanks to tourism industry, US Dollars are accepted widely.

Climate at this Time in Bahrain

At this time in Bahrain, the climate in summers are very hot because the seas surrounding Bahrain are very shallow making the sea and get heated up quickly in the summers evaporating sea water making Bahrain very humid. Summer temperatures could reach up to 50o C or 122o F under some conditions. There is hardly any rainfall in Bahrain which also is irregular in nature. Rainfall happens mostly in Winters with a recorded maximum rainfall of just 7.2 cm or 2.8 inches in a year. At this time Bahrain gets winds directed towards it from the Zagros Mountains across the persian Gulf in Iran. These Northwesterly winds are locally called Shamal wind that causes dust storms from the Saudi Arabia and Iraq to be transported to Bahrain reducing visibility in the months of Jun and July. The average high temperature in a year may be 30o C or 86 deg F and the average yearly low temperature is just about 23 deg C or 73.4 deg F.

Tourism at this Time in Bahrain

At this time in Bahrain, tourism is a big industry that has drawn over eight million visitors in the year 2008 and has since been growing. Most tourists come from the nearby Arab states although a considerable increase in the number of tourists has been witnessed from the outside world. This is particularly true due to the existance of Bahrain International F1 Circuit where the first race was held in 2004. The circuit had the Bahrain Grand Prix which is a Formula One Championship race in Bahrain which is sponsored at that time by Gulf Air. The other tourist attraction at this time in Bahrain is thanks to the growing awareness of the Kindgoms 's heritage which combines modern Arab culture and the archaeological legacy of the past 5000 years of Civilization. The island is home to many forts including the Qalat Al Bahrain which has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Then there is the Bahrain National Museum which has artefacts from the country's history which dates back to 9000 years. There is Al Khamis Mosque which the oldest mosque in the region, the Arad Fort in Muharraq, Babar temple which is an ancient temple from the Dilmunite period of the Bahrain. Amazingly a 400 year old Tree called the Tree of Life growin in the Sakhir desert with no nearby water is a great tourist puller. Tourists can also enjoy Bird watching in Hawar Islands, Scuba diving, Horse riding etc at this time in Bahrain.

Bahrain Spring Culture

Starting from 2005, every year the country of Bahrain hosts a festeval in the month of March called the Spring of Culture which has participation by renowned musicians and artists performing in concerts. In fact, Manama, the capital of Bharain was termed as the Capital of Arab Tourism for 2013 by the Arab League.

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Government at this Time in Bahrain

At this time in Bahrain has a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with a King, Crown Prince and a Prime Minister. The legislature is called the National Assembly which has an Upper House called the Consultative Council and a Lower House called the Council of Representatives. The King has the executive powers to appoint the Prime Minister and his Ministers. The King also commands the Army and even chairs the Higher Judicial Council. The also appoints the Parliament Upper half and can also dissolve the elected lower half. The head of the government is the Unelected Prime Minister. Thus Bahrain has a Bicameral National Assembly which consists of Shura Council (Majlis Al-Shura) with 40 seats and also has a 40 member Council of Representatves (Majlis Al-Nuwab). The members of the Shura are appointed by the King and the Council of Representatives 40 members are elected by abvolute majority vote in single member constitutencies ot serve a 4 year term.

Powers of Government at this time in Bahrain

At this time in Bahrain the appointed council can exercise a de facto veto over the elected members because the draft acts needs to be approved for passing them as law. The King will ratify the approved act or may return it within six months to the National Assembly which can now be passed into a law only if approved by two thirds of both councils.

Military at this time in Bahrain

At this time in Bahrain, there is a Bahrain Defence Force or BDF with about 13000 personnel. The King is the supreme commander of the BDF and the Crown Prince is the deputy supreme commander of the BDF. Most equipment are US made like F16 fighter jets, F5, UH60 helicopters, M60A3 tanks USS Jack Williams and Oliver Hazard Perry class Frigate etc., because Bahrain Government has close relations with US having signed a cooperative agreement on Military. Amazingly, at this time the Bahrain government has good diplomatic relationship with at least 198 countries in the world and has at least 36 embassies world over at this time.

Why is it Named Bahrain?

Bahrayn in Arabic is the dual form of bahr or Sea and thus al-Bahrayn means the two seas. At this time people consider the two seas as the sea to the west and the sea to the east of the Bahrain Island. In the areas of Sea north of Bahrain fresh water bubbles up in the middle of the salt water. But untill the late Middle Ages, The Bahrain was referred as the region of Eastern Arabia. For over a thousand years the Eastern coastal strip of Arabia was known as Bahrain. But when did people started calling the Archipalago of Awal as Bahrain is not known. Till 1950's the island country was called Bahrein and thereafter became Bahrain.