Time in Azerbaijan (Asia)

What is the Time in Azerbaijan

The Analog Clock running above is displaying the current local time of Azerbaijan. The country of Azerbaijan maintains a standard time of UTC+4:00 hours AZT or Azerbaijan Standard Time, through out the year without any changes to the clock, because there is no DST or Daylight Saving Time enforced any time by the Azerbaijan government.

About Azerbaijan at this Time

At this time Azerbaijan is located in coordinates 40o 30' N, 47o 30' E. Azerbaijan is actually a part of both Asia and Europe going by its location of being in Caucasus region even though it is mostly considered to be in the continent of Asia geographically. Now a days Azerbaijan is considered as part of Eurasia. The Greater Caucasus mountain ranges are in its northern boundary and the shore lines of Caspian sea forms its natural Eastern boundary. At this time the borders of Azerbaijan are with Armenia 996 km, Iran 690 km, Georgia 430 km, Russia 340 km and Turkey a short 17 km.

The highest point at this time in Azerbaijan is Bazarduzu Dagi at 4,485 meters height and the lowest point happens to be Caspian Sea which is actually -28 meters or 28 meters below the mean ssea level. The longest river flowing in Azerbaijan is Kura River and the largest lake inside at this time in Azerbaijan is Mingacevir Reservoir with an area of 600 square kilometers or more.

Area and Population at this Time in Azerbaijan

The total area of 86,600 square kilometers at this time makes Azerbaijan take the 119th position in the world. The area covered by water at this time in Azerbaijan is about 1.6% of the total area. The population of Azerbaijan as per 2016 estimate is 9,754,830 people thereby giving a population density of around 292 people per square miles standing at 103th place in the world.

GDP and Currency at this time in Azerbaijan

At this time in Azerbaijan, the GDP(PPP) as per 2015 estimates is around US Dollar 169 billion with a per capita of USD 17,500. The GDP(Nominal) estimated in 2015 is US Dollar 64 billion with a per capita of USD 6,795. The currency at this time in Azerbaijan is Manat coded as AZN. Each AZN or Manat is subdivided into 100 Qepik. The word Manat comes from Russian which means Moneta or Coin.

Climate at this Time in Azerbaijan

At this time in Azerbaijan, the climate varies from humid subtropical climate in the south east Azerbaijan to a dry climate in the central and eastern Azerbaijan. Along the shores of Caspian Sea the climate happens to be temperate compared to the very cold climate of the higher mountains. At this time in Azerbaijan the only place where mild weather is experienced is Baku where the temperature varies between 04 deg C in January to about 25 deg C in July. Rainfall received annually is between 160 to 180 cm. But some places at this time in Azerbaijan receive just aout 30 cm rain in one year.

Tourism at this Time in Azerbaijan

At this time in Azerbaijan, tourism happens to be a very important part of its economy. Till about 1980, Azerbaijan was a top tourist destination. However after the Soviet Union fell and the Nagorno-Karabakh was fought in the 1990's the tourism industry was shattered. The recovery of tourism industry started once again in the 2000's and that too at a very high rate of increase. At this time the country of Azerbaijan has become a very popular destination for tourists looking for religious, spa and health care tourism. Skiing has become another attraction in the Shahdag Mountain Resorts during winters. At this time, Azerbaijan is a top tourist destination for the elite.

Government at this Time in Azerbaijan

At this time in Azerbaijan a Unitary Dominant Part, Semi Presidential Republic with its own President and Prime Ministers is in place with the Legislature called the National Assembly. Azerbaijan established the Democratic Republic on 28 May 1918 and became Soviet Socialist Republic on 28 April 1920. Independence was gained by Azerbaijan from Soviet Union between 30 August 1991 till 25 December 1991. Finally, Azerbaijan adopted the Constitution on 12 November 1995.

Working of Azerbaijan Government

At this time the Azerbaijan Government is based on the separation of powers amongst the Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches. The complete legislative power is held by Unicameral National Assembly and the Supreme National Assembly in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Once in five years the Parliamentary Elections are held to the Parliament's 125 seats.

Azerbaijan President

The President holds the executive power and he is elected for a five year term through direct elections and the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan. The president is authorised to form the Cainet which is a collective executive body in itself which is accountable to the President as well as the National Assembly. The Cabinet at this time in Azerbaijan constitutes of the Prime Minister, his Deputies as well his Ministers. 

Azerbaijan President's Veto Power

The President has the power to Veto the decisions of National Assembly but cannot dissolve the National Assembly. If the National Assembly wants to over rule the Presidential Veto, then they need to have a majority of 95 votes. All the judicial power are vested with the Constitutional Court, supremen Court and the economic Court. All the judges in these courts are nominated by the President. All the financial, technicial and pecuniary activities of both the President as well as his office is managed by a Security Council under the President, but the Security Council is not part of President's Office.

Why is it Named Azerbaijan?

There was an Empire called Achaemenid where Atropates, a Persian Satrap existed who was later reinstated as the Satrap of Media under Alexander the Great. Atropates ruled Atropatene region which is now the Iranian Azerbaijan. The name Azerbaijan finally comes from the name Azar-Payegan which is a translatable word as Guardian of Fire, The Treasury and The Treasurer of Fire or the The Land of Fire in the present day Persian language. In the seventh century AD, the Arab conquest happened and the name was changed to Azerbaijan. It is known that Arabic does not have the letters G and P. So the Arabic speakers modified the Spelling of Azer-Payegan to Azerbaijan and thus the name came and stands until today.