Time in Afghanistan - Asia

What is the Time in Afghanistan (Asia)

The Afghanistan Time Analog Clock above displays the current local time in Afghanistan. Throughout Afghanistan the same time off set of UTC+4:30 hours is used throughout the entire year. Time in Afghanistan is called AST or Afghanistan Standard Time.  Afghanistan does not use DST or Daylight Saving Time.

Area and Population at this Time in Afghanistan

At this time in Afghanistan the total land area is 652,864 square kilometers and there is hardly any area covered by water. At this time Afghanistan is ranked as the 41st position areawise. The exact population in Afghanistan is difficult to get. But it is estimated that there are around 32.6 million people in Afghanistan at this time (2015). The population density thus becomes 44 people per square kilometer. The GDP at this time in Afghanistan as per 2016 estimate is $65.3 billion with a per capita figure of $1,994. The currency at this time in Afghanistan is called Afghani (AFN).

Climate at this Time in Afghanistan

At this time Afghanistan is completely landlocked with mountaneous terrain with its highest point at 24,580 feet high above the mean sea level. The climate at this time in Afghanista in Asia is Continental Climate with harsh winters with the temperature plummeting to -15 deg C (5 deg F) and summers are normally averaging to 35 deg C (95 deg F) in the month of July.

Tourism at this Time in Afghanistan

Tourism in the 70 was negligible due to political instabilites. But in the late 2001 the interim government was created and parliamentary elections are being held regularly. Indus valley civilisation is a great tourism point. Then the Gardens of Babur is a historic park which was the last resting place of the Mughal emperor Babur, which is another tourism attraction. At this time in Afghanistan the tourism attraction are Kabul for its zoos, night life, shopping, ruins and palaces. Kandahar has skiing, mountains, alpine skiing. The tourists attraction also lies in Bamyan in Afghanistan on its culture, buddhism, skiing, lakes, paintings etc.

Government at this Time in Aghnanistan

At this time in Afghanistan the Government is Unitary Presidential Islamic Republic with a President and Chief Executive Officer. The National Assembly is the Legislature with a Upper House of House of Elders or Meshrano Jirga with 102 members of which 68 are selected by 34 provincial councils and the remaining are appointed by the President. Then there is a Lower House or House of the People or the Wolesi Jirga which as 249 members. The Afghan Parliament is the Afghanistan's national legislature which is a bicameral body which has the power to ratify, modify or abrogate laws or legislative decrees, approve social, cultural, economic as well as technological developement programs, the budget, grants, loans, create, modify or abrogate administrative units, Ratify international treaties, agreements and the Afghanistan's membership in them.

Why is it Named Afghanistan?

The name Afghanistan actually means the Land of Afghan is a land locked country with no sea shores located in the Central Asia with a 5000 years history and culture. In the old time the country was called the land Aryana, then in the medivial era it was named as Khorasan and the modern time the country is named as Afghanistan. The name Afghanistan has Afghan which was also the name of an ethnic Pashtuns member and the suffix of stan in the language of persian means place of. The Afghanistan's constitution states that every citizen of Afghanistan will be called Afghan.