Time in Vostok Antarctica

What is the Time in Vostok (Russia) Antarctica

The current local time in Vostok can be seen running live on the Analog Clock on top. Being a Russian Research Station the time is Vostak is maintained at par with a Russian Time zone. The Russian Research Station Vostok at this time in Antartica maintains a time of UTC+6:00 hours and at this time Vostok station does not maintain DST or Daylight Saving Time. Hence the time in Vostok in Antarctica contiues to maintain the same time offset of six hours ahead of UTC throughout the year.

About Vostok Station at this Time in Antarctica

The longitude and latitudes at this time of Vostok is 78°27′S 106°50′E. Vostok at this time is the not the only Russian Antarctic Research Program. The Vostok Polar Research Organisation is administering the statino located at an elevation of about 11,444 feet or 3.488 kilometers above the mean sea level. Vostok is in inland Princess Elizabeth Land Antarctica. The Vostok station was established at a time when Russia was known as USSR or Soviet Union way back on 16 December 1957 by the second Soviet Antarctic Expedition.

The Vostok station lies near the Southern Pole of Cold with the lowest measured temperature on Earth of -89 deg C or -129 deg F. The Vostok Research Station of Russia in Antarctica lies about 1300 kilometers from the Geographic South Pole at the center of the east Antarctic Ice Sheet and it is within the Australian Antarctic Territory. But due to a signatory to the Antarctic Treaty System, Australia does not exercise any sovereignity over this territory and thus there is no conflict at this time.

At this time Vostok is the most isolated established research conducting station in the entire Antarctic continent. The supplies to the station comes from Mirny Station on the Antarctic Coast. The Vostok station was built to sustain at least 25 scientists and engineers in the summer. At this time in winters just about 13 people remains in the station. It is not easy to survive in minus 72 degree Centigrade below zero or below freezing point.

Climate in Vostok Russian Antarctic Research Station

The weather in Vostok Station in Antarctica has ice cap climate with subzero cold throughout the year. There is just about 2 cm precipitation in the entire year which cannot be measured accurately. So the scientists usually measure the amount snow accumulation which is easier. It snows about a 26 days in a year. Even though the sun is never seen from May to August when it is all night for four months, when the sun comes then Vostok has more sunshine hours in the year than the sunniest place on habitable earth like South Africa. To be precise there are 708 hours of sunshine in December alone with an average sunshine of 23 hours a day.

The Vostok station was closed after 37 years temeporarily from February to November in the year 1994. In the year 1974, British scientists performed an airborne ice penetrating radar survey and found the worlds largest fresh water lake about 4000 meters or 13000 feet below the ice surface in Antarctica and called it Lake Vostok which at this time is one of the 140 fresh lakes discovered in Antarctica. Vostok name came from the word Vostok which stands for East. Vostok also happened to be one of the first Russian Antarctic Expedition Ship whose Captain was Fabian Von Bellingshausen.

Research at this Time in Vostok Station Antarctica

At this time the Russian Antarctic Research Station Vostok is situated near the South Pole of Inaccessibility and the South Geomagnetic Pole. This makes Vostok one of the optimal places on earth to observe the changes in the Earth's Magnetosphere. Other research includes Actinometr, Geophsics, Medicine and Climatology.

Location of Vostok Station at this Time in Antarctica

The location at this time in Antarctica of Vostok Russian Research Station can be seen on the location map of Antarctica given below marking Vostok Station as well.

Time in Vostok Station in Antarctica

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