Time in Troll Antarctica

What is the Time in Troll (Norway Research Station in Antarctica)

The current local time in Antarctica Troll Research Station of Norway is being displayed on the Analog Clock seen on top of this para. The analog clock displays the current local time in Troll (Antarctica). At this time in Antarctica Troll follows DST or Daylight Savig Time because Troll Research Station is owned by Norway which follows DST in its own country and therefore DST is followed in Troll also. The time in Troll is changed twice during DST or Daylight Saving Time. Presently the Troll research station changed its time on 10 Mar 16 from GMT to CET or Central Eastern Time by adding one hour and then on 27 March added one mour hour to that making it UTC+2:00 hours. On 30 Oct 16, the time will once again be set back by reducing one hour from CEST to CET and once again on 07 Nov 16, the time will be reduced by one more hour to come back to the UTC+0 when the DST finally ends. This cycle will continue  as long as the government of Norway continues to maintain DST the time in Troll research station of Norway in Antarctica will also follow this time. To avoid confusion this page is showing the UTC+0 hours. You may add the one or two hours as required between the Months of March and November to cater for DST.

About Troll Research Station at this Time in Antarctica

At this time Troll, the Research Station of Norway in Antarctica is located on a latitude of 72 deg 01 min South and longitude of 02 deg 32 min East. Troll is located at an elevation of about 4170 feet above mean sea level. The Troll research station of Norway was inaugurated on 17 February 1990 and is located at Jutulsessen which is about 235 km from the coast in the eastern part of Princess Martha Coast in Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. Troll is the only research station Norway has in Antarctica and it is run throughout the year. Troll is supported by another station called Tor in the summer months.The Norwegian Polar Institute manages the station.

Research at this Time in Troll Norway Research Station in Antarctica

At this time in Troll in Antarctica, the Norwegian Polar Institute facilitates the Norwegian Meterological Institute and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research. The Troll station is usually manned by 08 crew although it has the capacity to maintain 40 people. The Troll airfield helps in maintaining the station throughout the year. The Norwegian Institute for Air Research keeps the data of atmospheric measurement equipment along with other measuring stations like Zeppelin in Ny-Alesund Svalbard in Norway. In particular the facility keeps the measurements of aerosols, organic and inorganic pollution, Ozone and Ultraviolet radiations. Air samples are collected for data generation and trend analysis weekly. To help in data downloads, Kongsberg Satellite Services which is a joint venture jointly held by Kongsberg Group and the Norwegian Space Center maintains a satellite ground station located in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, TrollSat targetting satellites in a polar orbit. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute operates a manned weather station at Troll to take meansurements of temperature, humidity, air temperature, air pressure, Winds etc.

Troll Air Field at this Time in Antarctica

At this time in Troll Antarctica a long runway exists just about 7 km from the Troll Research STation in Princess Martha Coast in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. The airfield is ownd and operated by the Norwegian Polar Institute. The airfield runway is 330 feet wide and about 11,000 feet long made on glacial blue ice on the Antarctic ice sheet. The elevation of the airfield at this time in Troll Antarctica is 4042 feet above the mean sea level and is about 235 kilometers away from the coast line. At this time in Antarctica/Troll, the airfield at Troll in Antractica was built in 2005 to serve as the center of the Dronning Maud Land Air Networks short named DROMLAN which is a multinational cooperation to provide a hub for air traffic to Antarctica through out the year for all inter Antarctic and inter continental flights which normally operate between Capte Town International Airport and Antarctica. At this time in Antarctica Troll Airfield the aircraft being operated are Ilyushin 76, P-3 Orion, C-130 Herculese and such other long range aircraft which are used for these flights. The aircraft used between the bases within Antractica are BT-67, De Havilland DHC-6/300 Twin Otter aircraft as well as  the DO-228 aircraft. At the same time in Antarctica, many helicopters also operate in Antarctica which are provided by each government for supporting their own research stations.

Location of Troll Station at this Time in Antarctica

At this time the location of Troll reserach station of Norway situated in Antarctica is 72°00′45″S 2°32′09″E which can be seen on the illustration given below: -

Time in Troll Station in Antarctica