Time in Showa Syowa Antarctica

What is the Time in Showa/Syowa (Japan) Antarctica

View the current local time in Antarctica Showa being displayed on the Analog Clock on top. Showa is spelt as Syowa also. The time in Syowa/Showa is SYOT where SYO stands for Syowa. SYOT or Syowa Time is UTC+3:00 hours throughout the year. DST or Daylight Saving Time is not used any time of the year and hence the time in Syowa or Showa remains unchanged throughout the entire year. The Showa/Syowa Japanese Research Station is situated at latitude and longitudes of 69°0′S, 39°35′E in Antarctica.

About Syowa/Showa Station at this Time in Antarctica

At this time in Showa Station which is located in East Ongul Island, Queen Maud Land in Antarctica is being administered by the Japanese Antarctic Program. At this time the Syowa  Research Station which was started in 1957 has about 60 buildings. The Japanese research station in Antarctica is named the era when it was built as Showa Period or Syowa Period. The Climate at this time in Syowa or Showa is called Ice Cap Climate because there are no months when the temperature rises above zero degree Centigrade (32 deg F). The coldest month is August when the temperature may dip to -23 deg C or -10 deg F. The maximum sunshine received is in the month of April with about 72 hours total sunshine.

Research at this Time in Syowa/Showa Station Antarctica

At this time in Syowa/Showa Station in Antarctica serves as a research outpost of Japan for Astronomy, Biology, Meteorology, Earth Sciences etc., with about 60 odd small and large buildings including the administration building with three floors, living quarters, sewage treatment plant, power plant, observatory, data processing, environmental science facility, satellite buildings and a radio sonde station. There are a lot of fuel tanks, water tanks, solar power generation panels, water retention dam, radio transmitters and even a helipad. Although, there is no brith reported in Antarctica, Shin Fukushima who was a member of the fourth Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition died in October 1960 whilst carrying out his duties and is commemorated with a Cairn containing his ashes and a Plaque was erected on 11 Jan1961 by his colleagues at that time in Syowa station. The site at this time has been designated as Historic Site or Monument as proposed by Japan at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.

Location of Showa Station at this Time in Antarctica

The location at this time in Antarctica of Showa Station is located at  latitude of 69°0′S and longitude of 39°35′E in Antarctica in the East Ongul Island, Queen Maud Land as can be seen in the illustrated picture below.

Time in Showa Station in Antarctica