Time in Rothera Antarctica

What is the Time in Rothera (UK) Antarctica

The current local time in Antarctica Rothera is being displayed on the Analog Clock above. This analog clock will displays UTC-3:00 hours always because there is no  DST or Daylight Saving Time implemented by UK in this part of Antarctica as the Rothera Research Station is setup by United Kingdom in Antarctica.

About Rothera Station at this Time in Antarctica

At this time in Rothera Station which is located in the Adelaide Island is administered by the British Antarctic Survey. Rothera is actually established as a United Kingdom Overseas Territory. Rothera Research Station was established in 1975 in Antarctica. At this time in Rothera in Antarctica, there was another research station called Adelaide Station from 1961 till 1977 which this station replaced. Normally there are about 22 crew members in Winter in this research station. The Rothera Research Station is also the Capital of the British Antarctic Territory. The Climate at this time in Rothera in Antarctica is cold in winters with the temperatures barely rising above freezing during Summers. The mean temperatures by day is about 0.8 deg C or 33.4 deg F in January which then continuously drops off to -11.6 deg C or 10.8 deg F by August and then starts to rise back till January thus giving yearly average temperature of -5.3 deg C or 22.4 deg F.

Research at this Time in Rothera Station Antarctica

At this time in Rothera Station in Antarctica conducts research on Biological Sciences in Antarctica. These include Scuba Diving and experiemnts conducted in the Bonner Lab throughout the entire year. In the year 2001 the first Bonner Lab caught fire and was gutten after which in 2003 it was rebuilt and reopened. In the year 1998 there were 26 sounding rockets of Viper type which were launched from the Rothera Research Station which reached altitudes of over a 100 kilometers. Rothera in Antarctica also conducts research based on Satellite Data intercepted using the gournd satation through out the entire year. Almost all the field work however is done during the months starting from November till March. The researchers use skidoos and sledges carrying HF radio and gets their supply by air. There are about 130 research crew during the year except during the Winters when the crew is reduced to just 22 or so.

Location of Rothera Station at this Time in Antarctica

The location at this time in Antarctica of Rothera Station is 67 deg 34 min South and 68 deg 08 min West. Rothera is almost 3000 feet long and is built over a surface made of crushed rock. The supplies are provided by air using an airlink from Falkland Islands by twin Otters flying towards the south of Rothera where there is lot of fuel depots which are networked and most of which are manned. In any one season the Dash 7 aircraft would make about 20 odd flights stopping at Fossil Bluff and then Sky Blu bringing in scientists, support staff, food and equipment during summers. The illustration below shows you the location of Rothera Station at this time in Antarctica.

Time in Rothera Station in Antarctica