Time in Palmer Antarctica

What is the Time in Antarctica Palmer (USA)

The current local time in Antarctica Palmer is running on the Analog Clock above. This analog clock will show you UTC-3:00 hours whenever DST or Daylight Saving Time is in force and UTC-4:00 hours in the other months. DST is usually enforced as a government decision of the respective country of the Settlement or research station in Antarctica. At this time Palmer is one such station in Antarctica being owned by the USA and therefore follows the DST timings followed in US starting from March and November every year. DST in antarctica actually has no meaning because the sun is often not visible for many days and for the rest few days in the year the sun just rotates around along the horizon and thus there is often no night time at all for months at a stretch.

About Palmer Station at this Time in Antarctica

The first American to see Antarctica was Mr Nathaniel B Palmer. Thus the US Station in Antarctica was named the Palmer Station. A total of 46 people can be accommodated in the Palmer Station at this time in Antarctica. But in future depending on the research requirement more people may be accommodated. At any given time in Palmer Station in Antarctica there are not more than 40 people at a time. And the Palmer station is manned throughout the year.

At this time in Palmer Station during the winter season only half that number stays because these months are used for maintenance of the Palmer Station like the Science Labs in the Bio Lab building, a pier and a helicopter landing pad. At this time in Palmer Station, there exists another station about one mile away which was the old Palmer station which was built in the 1965 vintage. The old Palmer station served as a place to base people who were building the New Palmer Station that was commissioned in the 1968. At this time in Antarctica, the old Palmer Station has been dismantled even though it was being maintained as an emergency refuge in case of an emergency at the New Palmer Station, because, of late the thought process has changed.

Research at this Time in Palmer Station Antarctica

The main research at this time in Palmer Station in Antarctica are mainly monitoring the Seismic, atmospheric and UV. The Palmer Station also does study of heliophysics, hosta a radio receiver to study lightning over the western helimsphere etc. Then it also has a research vessen R/V Laurence M Gould to conduct study on Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology and Marine Biology. In addition, the cruize is also used to study Glaciology, Geology and Paleontology all around at this time in Antractica. HAM radio communication which is an Amateur Radio node at this in Palmer Station is hosting an IRLP or Internet Radio Linking Project in Antarctica.

Location of Palmer Station in Antarctica

The location at this time in Antarctica of Palmer Station is 64.77 deg S and 64.05 deg W. The illustrated picture below shows you the location of Palmer Station at this time in Antarctica.

Time in Palmer Station in Antarctica