Time in Mawson Antarctica

What is the Time in Mawson (Australia) Antarctica

The current local time in Mawson, the Australian Research Station in Antarctica is running live on the Analog Clock seen above. The local time being maintained at this time in Mawson in Antarctica is UTC+5:00 hours MAWT or Mawson Time, which is maintained throughout the year because there is no DST or Daylight Saving Time being followed in the Mawson Research Station in Antarctica. Mawson being an Australian Research Station, to keep the same time as that of Australia, the time is set at UTC+5:00 hours even though the research station is in Antarctica and not Australia.

About Mawson Station at this Time in Antarctica

At this time in Mawson Research Station in Antarctica is an australian Antarctic Territory under the sub division of Mac Robertson Land which is under the administartion of Australian Antarctic Division. The Mawson Station was established in Antarctica on 13 February 1954. The Mawson station was named in honour of Sir Douglas Mawson who was a n Antarctic explorer. The Australian research station in Antarctica is designed to accomodate about 120 people in the summer. However, in Winter Mawson can support only about 18. The Mawson Research Station is manned and research goes on all round the year. The Mawson lies in the Holme Bay in Mac Robertson Land in the East Antarctica in the Australian claimed Antarctic Territory. Mawson happens to be oldest Antarctic Station which is inhabited through out the year south of the Antarctic circle. At this time Mawson is also one of the three Australian Antarctic Permanent bases and research outposts. At this time the Mawson Australian Antarctic Research Station is also listed in teh Register of the National Estate since 2001 and is also on the Commonwealth Heritage List with effect from 22 June 2004. The major parts of the station are private bedrooms with shared bathrooms, a mess or dining room, many communal sitting areas, medical facilities, laundry, a theatrette, a spa with sauna, a library, a climbing wall for recreation anda green store.

Research at this Time in Mawson Station Antarctica

At this time in Mawson Antarctic station a lot of scientific research programs  like thos for an underground cosmic ray detector, many long term meteorological, aeronomy and geomagnet studes are going on. In addition there are studies being undertaken on conservation biology in particular of the nearby Auster rookery, a breeding ground ofr Emperor Penguins and Adelie Penguins. Mawson Research Station is the only station at this time in Antarctica which uses wind generators for more than 70% of its power needs saving more than 160,000 US Gallons of diesel fuel every year helping in reducing the polution of Antarctica as well. The Mawson station is accesible via sea only for two months of February and March every year.

Location & Climate of Mawson Station at this Time in Antarctica

The location at this time in Antarctica of Mawson Australian Research Station is latitude of 67°36′S and longitude 62°52′E which can be seen in the illustration of Antarctica below. The climate in and around Mawson Station at this time is Polar Climate with severe Antarctican cold weather. The highest temperature is in the months of December to January with recorded highest temperatuer 10.6 deg C or 51 deg F and the lowest recorded temperature is -36 deg C or -32 deg F. But the average highest temperature at this time in Mawson in Antarctica hovers around -8 deg C and lowest averges to-14 deg C.

Time in Mawson Station in Antarctica