Time in Davis Antarctica

What is the Time in Davis (Australia) Antarctica?

The current local time in Davis, one of the three Australian Research Stations in Antarctica can be found on the Analog Clock running live above. The local time being maintained at this time in Davis which is an Australia's Research Station in Antarctica is UTC+7:00 hours DAVT or Davis Time, which is maintained throughout the year because there is no DST or Daylight Saving Time being implemented in the Davis Research Station in Antarctica by Australia.

About Davis Station at this Time in Antarctica

At this time in Davis Research Station in Antarctica is an Australian Antarctic Territory  under the subdivision of Princess Elizabeth Land which is under the administration of Australian Antarctic Division. The Davis station is located on the coast of Cooperation Sea in Princess Elizabeth Land, Ingrid Christensen Coast in the Australian Territory of Antarctica. Davis station actually lies in the Antarctic Oasis which is an ice free area at this time known as the Vest Folds Hills. The Davis Australian Research Station was originally established on the 13th January 1957 and was named Davis Station after Captain John King Davis, who was an Anglo Australian explorer and navigator who was the Captain of Aurora and Discovery, in which he was noted for his captaining the exploration ship in the Antarctic waters for establishing Meteorological Stations on Macquarie Island. The first recorded landing in the Davis station region was by a Norwegian Whaler Captain Klarius Mikkelsen in his ship Torshavn in the year 1935.

At this time Davis Australian Antarctic Research station is listed in the Register of the National Estate as on 26 October 1999. Davis is also listed in the Commonwealth Heritage List as an Indicative place because of the condition of its buildings and sructures which are demolished due to poor condition and don't exist at this time, to those structures which are in good condition. At this time the Davis Station of Australia in Antarctica can accommodate about 120 researchers throughout the year. However, in the Winters only about 18 people remain in Davis. As the other Australian Research Stations in Antarctica, at this time Davis Station has private bedrooms, shared bathrooms, big dining room, medical and laundry facilities, many communical sitting areas, a theatrette, library, climbing wall, a green store, a small spa and sauna etc.

Research at this Time in Davis Station Antarctica

At this time in Davis Antarctic station of Australia conducts many scientific research programs which includes but is not limited to study of visuses, bacteria etc using molecular genetic techniques in the glacial lakes, the atmospheric research, the impact of enviromental changes and pollution directly and indirectly on the Antarctic marine ecosystem, the impact of climate changes, measuring of the algae growth as an important food source for tiny marine herbivores like the zooplankton, the increase of carbon di oxide concentrations on the marine microbes and other organism, study of the Law Dome, the study of bedrock geology and structure of the eastern Antarctic ice sheet and much more. Amazingly, at this time Davis Research Station in Antarctica is the busiest Australian stations out of the three. In the Winter the main research activity happens to be the Upper Atmospheric Physics.

Location & Climate of Davis Station at this Time in Antarctica

The location at this time in Antarctica of Davis Australian Research Station is  68°34′ South and 77°58′ E ast, which can be seen in the Antarctica illustration shown below. At this time the Davis Station of Australia in Antarctica experiences a Tundra Climate where the temperatures is moderate because of the presence of the Southern Ocean in its proximity. The lowest recorded temperature in Davis station is 13 deg C or 55 deg F which is in the month of January and the lowest recorded temperature is -42 deg C or -43 deg F in the month of April. Otherwise the temperature averages in a year at this time is a high of -7.3 deg C or 19 deg F and a low of -13 or 9 deg F. The average precipitation is about 73 mm and happens normally over just 53 days in a year. The average sunshine hours recorded in Davis Australian Research Station in Antarctica is 1541 hours at this time.

Time in Davis Station in Antarctica