Time in Casey Antarctica

What is the Time in Casey (Australia) Antarctica?

The current local time in Casey, one out of the three Australian Research Stations in Antarctica is running on the Analog Clock running live above. The local time being maintained at this time in Casey which is an Australia's Research Station in Antarctica is UTC+8:00 hours CAST or Casey Time, which is maintained unchanged throughout the year because  DST or Daylight Saving Time is not being implemented in the Casey Research Station in Antarctica by Australian government.

About Casey Station at this Time in Antarctica

At this time in Casey Antarctic station of Australia is situated on the Australian Antarctic Territory subdivision Wilkes Land and is presently being administered by the Australian Antactic Division. Australian research Station Casey in Antarctica was established in the February of 1969 and was named after Lord Richard Baron Casey who was the 16th Governor General of Australia under the MonarchElizabeth II during the Colonial rule from 1965 to 1969. At this time in Casey Station in Antarctica at least 160 researchers can be accommodated during the summer time and about 20 researchers in the Winter and this Australian research station is designed to operate throughout the year.

At this time the Casey Antarctic Research Station is managed by the Australian Antarctic Division like the other two stations.  Casey station lies to the north side of Bailey Peninsula which overlooks Vincennes Bay on the Budd Coast of the Wilkes Land which is in the Australian Antarctic Territory, claimed by Australia. Casey station is about 3,880 kilometers to the South of Perth, Western Australia. The original buildings were built on stilts so that ice buildup does not make the buildings unusable. There were tunnels connecting all the buildings made of cast iron. But due to corrosion they became unusable. Then they used prefabricated type building structures with materials and design which does not allow heat to transmit in or out and was erected on top of a hill. This is called the Red Shed. There is a Green Shed which stores food and a Yellow shed for brewing. Home brew beer is served at the station's bar called as Splinters.

Casey Station Skiway at this Time in Antarctica

At this time Casey Station Skiway is located 8 kilometers east of the Casey Station. Casey Skiway Station was opened on the 30 December in the year 2004. The Australian ABC Foreign Correspondent for International tv program showed the air operations at Casey Station under the repot title called Antarctica - What Lies Beneth which as highly acclaimed.

Airbus 319 Runway Landing at this Time in Antarctica

At this time in Antarctica a $46 million runway exists which was carved into the glacial ice at Wilkins about 65 kilometers away from the Casey station with a crew of eight people to operate it. At this time Airbus A319 operates between this Antarctica runway and Hobart International Airport in Tasmania. The flight time is just four hours which originally used to take 10 days by ship. But the environmental conditions make it impossible to make anything more than 10 flights in a season since 2008 as the warm temperature makes the ice melt. As of January 2012 just about four flights could be planned for the summer season. But C-17 cargo aircraft has been operating for some time now from the Royal Australian Airforce and the Australian Antarctic Division for medical evacuation when required and for providing supplies to the Antarctican stations.

Research at this Time in Casey Station Antarctica

At this time in Casey Station in Antarctica there are scientists and engineers doing research into the study of bedrock geology, structure of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and its glaciological process. Even marine biologists research the changes to the polar seafloor animals and micro organisms exposed to the different carbon dioxide concentrations. The Aldelie Penguin research is also progressing concurrently at Casey Research Station. In addition, the scientists are also conducting research on the influence of climate change and human impacts on the extensive and well developed growth of moss beds near Casey. 

 Research At This Time on "Law Dome" in Antarctica

Another important research going on at this time in Casey in Antarctica is about the Law Dome. Law Dome is nothing but an ice dome that rises to a height of 1,395 meters or 4,580 feet directly in the south of Cape Poinsett in Antarctica. The United States Geological Survey team has already mapped it using aerial photographs in 1946 which is being aggressively studied as subject of Glaceological and Geophysical survey by the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions since 1962.

Location & Climate of Casey Station at this Time in Antarctica

The location at this time in Antarctica of Casey Australian Research Station is situated in the coordinates 66°16′S 110°31′E which can be seen on the illustration placed below. at this time in Antactica, Casey Research Station of Australia, Polar Climate is experienced. The recorded highest ever temperature is 9.2 deg C or 48.6 deg F in the month or January and the lowest temperature ever recorded is -37.5 deg C or -35.5 deg F in the month of August. The yearly average high temperature is -5.9 deg C or 21.4 deg F and average low temperature throughout the year is -12.5 deg C or 9.5 deg F. The precipitation received over any year has been on an average of 22 cm over a span of hundred days in a year. The Casey Research station receives a total of 1159 hours of sunshine on an average every year.

Time in Casey Station in Antarctica