Time in Belize (North America)

Time in Belize, (North America)

The analog clock seen above is running the current local time in Belize. The CST or Central Standard Time is followed in the country of Belize. The time zone of Belize is UTC-6 or 6:00 hours behind Universal Coordinated Time. Belize does not use DST or Daylight Saving Time at all. So through out the year Belize local time remains at UTC-6:00 hours which makes life easier. The Capital of Belize is Belmopan located at 17o15'N 88o46'W. But the biggest city in Belize happens to be the Belize City. The country of Belize is in Central America, but is considered as part of North America.

Belize Time History

The time in Belize, was not always constant at UTC-6:00 hours. In its history, the government of Belize did establish DST or Daylight Saving Time a few times. DST was last implemented  on 18 Dec1982, Saturday by advancing the time by 1:00 hours CST or Central Standard Time to CDT or Central Daylight Saving Time from UTC-6:00 hours to UTC-5:00 hours and was later reverted back on12 Feb 1983, Saturday by reducing one hour and returning the time back to UTC-6:00 hours CDT. Since then there has been no implementation of Daylight Saving Time in Belize at all till now and there is no plan to implement DST till 2019.Before this DST was established in 1973 on Dec 05 till 1974, 9th Feb which were again both Saturdays.

Between 1912 to 1924 also the government of Belize did establish DST. In 1912 actually the time in Belize which was LMT or Local Meridian Time which was reduced by 7 minutes and 12 seconds to match the time zone of UTC-6:00 hours. Then later in 1918, the time in Belize was for the first time shifted to DST on Sunday, the 6th of October 1918 by adding only 30 minutes to UTC-5:30 hours CST or Central Standard Time for the First Time in Belize. On the Sunday 9th February 1919, the additional half an hour was removed and the Belize time was reverted back to UTC-6:00 hours CST. On Sunday 5th October the same year the DST was started again which was removed in 1920 15th February Sunday. DST was again started in 1920 again on Sunday 3rd October and removed on Sunday 13 February 1921 in Belize.

Similarly, DST was established and removed many more times in Belize by half an hour only. DST started again on 1921 2nd October Sunday till 1922 12th February Sunday, from Sunday 8th October 1922 till Sunday 11 February 1922, from 1922 8th October Sunday till 11 February 1923 Sunday and from Sunday 7th October 1923 till Sunday 10 February 1924 in Belize

Amazingly the time in Belize was originally UTC-5:52:48 hours LMT or local meridian time since time immemorial and this was changed to UTC-6 hours on the 1st April 1912 as mentioned before and the DST time changes were only 30 minutes unlike the 1:00 hour followed after the 1924 DST implementation till today world over