Time in Barbados (North America)

Time in Barbados, (North America)

The analog clock above is running live the current local time in Barbados. At present the time zone of Barbados is UTC-4:00 hours AST or Atlantic Standard Time. Barbados does not use Daylight Saving Time or DST. Hence throughout the year the time in Barbados will remain constant at UTC-4:00 which is its country standard time. The Capital of Barbados is Bridgetown located at 13o06'N 59o37'W.

Barbados Time History

The time in Barbados, Bridgetown which is its capital has seen a lot many time changes. In the year 1924 on 01 Jan, the time was reset at 04:58 hours to GMT-3:58.48333 Barbados Standard Time. Then in the year 1932 01 January which was a Friday, the Barbados Standard time was set at GMT-4:58 hours Atlantic Standard Time AST. Again in 1977 on the 12 Jun which was a Sunday, the transition to DST of Daylight SAving Time was done and the time was done at 07:00 hours or GMT-3:00 hours to ADT or Atlantic Daylight Saving Time. Once again the Atlantic Standard time was brought back on Sunday 02 October of 197 at 06:00 hours or GMT-4:00 hours. Within one year, on the Sunday of 16 April 1978 at 07:00 hours or GMT-3:00 hours the time was advanced by one hour to implement the Daylight Saving Timeand on Sunday the 01 October 1978 the time was reset back at 06:00 hours or GMT-4:00 hours which is the Atlantic Standard Time. This time change happened twice again in 1979 and 1980. In 1970 the DST came in by advancing the clocks on Sunday 15 April at 07:00 hours and the clocks were reset back by one hour on the Sunday of 30 Septermber of 1979 like before. The last Daylight Saving Time was set on the Sunday of 20 Apr 1980 at 08:00 hours to GMT-3:00 hours Atlantic Daylight Saving Time ADT and the was reset back by one hour to GMT-4:00 hours Atlantic Standard Tme AST on the 25 September of 1980. Since then the time in Bridgetown, Barbados has never been changed to DST till date.