Time in Aruba (South America)

Time in Aruba, Carribean (South America)

The analog clock above is displaying the current local time in Aruba which is Aruba Standard Time AST. Aruba maintains UTC-4:00 hours or the Aruba country standard time is exactly 4:00 hours behind the UTC. Aruba does not use DST or Daylight Saving Time. Thus the time in Aruba will be constant at UTC-4:00 hours throughout the year.

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About Aruba at this Time

At this time the country of Aruba which is just a 30 kilometer long island of the Lesser Antilles in the Southern Carrebean Sea, is geographically in the continent of South America. The geographical location of Oranjestad which is the Capital of Aruba is 12o 31'N and 70o 02'W. The country of Aruba is also considered as one out of the four countries that constitutes the Kingdom of Netherlands. The other three countries are Netherlands itself, then the Curacao and Sint Maarten. Aruba and other Dutch islands are also called as Dutch Carribean collectively. Even though, the country of Aruba is in South America, it is still considered as a transcontinental island which forms part of West Indies.

Area, Population and GDP at this time in Aruba

At this time in Aruba the total area add up to 178.9 square kilometers. The area covered by water is very negligible in Aruba at this time. The population estimated in 2014 is 103,400 people and that gives the population density as 75 people per square kilometer which is 22nd place in the world at this time. The GDP (P) of Aruba was estimated in 2011 at USD 2.6 billion which is 190 th posotion in the world with a per capita at USD 24,300 which is 47 th position in the world. The GDP (nominal) was estimated in 2013 at USD 2.9 billion dollars which is at 162nd position at that time and with a per capita of USD 28,924 which stands at 32nd position in the world. At this time Aruba is considered as having one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean region and there is very low unemployment rate.

Languages at this Time in Aruba

At this time in Aruba Dutch and since 2003, Papiamento is the Official  Languages. Papiamento is the main language in Aruba. It is considered as Creole Language mostly spoken in Bonaire and Curacao which has a lot of words borrowed from Portuguese, West African languages, Dutch and Spanish. A lot of people do speak English which is growing by the day thanks to the tourism. Then other languages like Portuguese, Chinese, german, Spanish and French is also spoken thatnks to the people who settled in Aruba at this time from these countries. The original Aruba population spoke Spanish which is proved by the fact even at this time in Aruba 12.6% people still speak Spanish. At this time it is known that there are four newpapes published in Papiamento and three in English and Aruba also has 18 radio stations at this time and three local tv stations as well.

Climate at this time in Aruba

At this time in Aruba, the Climate is classified as tropical semi-arid type climate. The average mean temperature is about 31.5 deg C or 88.7 deg F and the mean low is about 28 deg C or 82.6 deg F. The highest ever recorded temperature is 36.5 deg C or 98 deg F and the lowest recorded temperature is 25.9 deg C or 78.6 deg F. The relative humidity at this time in Aruba is an average figure of 77% and precipitation happens on an average of 64 days at this time in Aruba which bring in about 47 cm of rainfall.

Flourishing Tourism at this time in Aruba

At this time in Aruba Tourism is responsible for its growing economy along withtwo other industries namely aleo export and petroleum refining. At this time it is estimated that 75% of Aruba Gross National Product is earned through tourism and tourism related activities. Most tourist are from North East US, netherlands, Venezuela, Columbia and other South American countries. Being part of the Kingdom of Netherlands the citizen of Netherlands can travel to Aruba relatively easy as no Visa is required, just a passport will do. The currency of Aruba at this time is Aruban Florin. One US dollar is equal to 1.79 Aruban Florin. Trouism is drawing huge number of tourists to Aruba at this time and mostly it is American tourists. Hence most business in Aruba at this time is operating using US Dollars instead of Aruban Florins especially so in the hotel and resort districts.

Government at this time in Aruba.

At this time the country of Aruba Island has a Unitary Parliamentary Representative Democracy under a Constitutional Monarchy with its own Monarch, a Governor and a Prime Minister.In the time of World War Ii when the Netherlands Occupation in 1940 was under the Administration of the Dutch Government-in-Exile in London, Aruba continued to supply oil to the UK and their allies. At that time in August 1947, Aruba presented its first staatsreglement or constitution for Aruba's status aparte as an autonomous state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The charter of Kingdom of Netherlands was finally established in 1954. The first parliament was finally formed after elections on 01 January 1986 only.

At this time in Aruba, politics takes place within the frame work of a 21 member Parliament for a 04 year term and 08 memer Cabinet. The Monarch appoints the Governor or Aruba for a 06 years term and the Staten or Parlamento elects the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister for a 04 year term. To keep a check on the population, the government as the right control admission and expulsion of people from Netherlands. At this time Aruba is not part of the European Union eventhough, Aruba gets support from European Development Fund because by 2006 the government's debt had grown to 1.9 billion Aruba Florins. At this time Aruba Goverment finances the public national education system.

Why Named Aruba?

At this time Aruba island name is only hypothesis. The most probable etymology is that Aruba or Ora Oubao are two words joined together. Ora means shell and Oubao means island and hence called Shell Island..It is also said that Indians are known to have used canoes to populate Aruba. Uru means Canoe and OUbao means Island  and thus the Ccanoe Island could have been the genesis of Auruba.No one knows for sure, but excavations have proved that human settlements existed in Aruba hundreds of years, may be 2500 BC which is way before the Spaniards discovered Aruba.