Time in Benin (Africa)

What is the Time in Benin

The current local time in Benin can been live on the analog clock above. Benin is in West Africa and therefore maintains UTC+1:00 hours which is Benin Time Zone. Benin does not use any DST or Daylight Saving Time and thus the time in Benin remains constant at UTC+1 hour WAT or West Africa Time, throughout the year. The Capital city of Benin is Porto Novo located in  latitude of 06o49'N and longitude of 02o63'E. At this time the people in Benin speak French and has a population of about 10.9 million residents. Benin is in the east of Togo and west of NIgeria and has border with Burkina Faso to its north and on its south is the coast line of 121 km of Gulf of Guinea part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

No Daylight Saving Time in Benin

Benin in Africa has not used DST or Daylight Saving Time any time since 1970 and there are not many records for the use of DST before that either. So it may be assumed that DST was never used in Benin at all.