Terms of Use

MatsClock.com creates analog flash clocks in .swf format under the name "MatsClock" with unique model numbers for recognition purposes and display it on http://www.matsclock.com  All matsclock displayed in the site matsclock.com are absolutely free to be downloaded, viewed and distributed free of cost and without any modifications. These clocks can be run on any computer with a flash player installed. Any MatsClock downloaded from this site can be used free on your computer, phones, websites, blogs, powerpoint presentation slides and software etc. MatsClock downloaded from this site are not to be sold or leased without permission from www.matsclock.com All MatsClocks are designed spending a lot of time and effort. All MatsClock models currently available will send a visitor clicking on the clock to time.matsclock.com The MatsClock user is not to change or modify any MatsClock downloaded from this site or from any other source. All the MatsClock models currently available are free to be downloaded, free to be distributed, free to be gifted, free to be displayed on any website and powerpoint presentation slides as is and without any modifications or alterations and anyone clicking on any MatsClock must be directed to www.matsclock.com or time.matsclock.com However if a matsclock is purchased for commercial purposes with or without any customiztion, for a cost applicable at the time of purchase, then that matsclock model displayed should be run from the buyers website server. All MatsClock irrespective of free or customised or paid version will direct the user to matsclock.com or its sub domains. The paid version may have the link to matsclock.com removed on request of the buyer once payment is made and received by matsclock.com owner. Users are cautioned to use their own discreation to view or download matsclock swf movies and use them at their own risk. MatsClock.com is not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by use of matsclock flash movie files and no compensations will be paid. Users will not use the bandwidth of matsclock.com in any way that can cause any harm, damage or crash of the matsclock.com website or its hosting server.

This website does not directly create or sell any other software products. No support is provided for any file, website, webpage, product or software discussed or featured on this site including MatsClock Free Flash Clocks Swf files. The users are to exercise their own discretion whilst viewing, discussing, downloading, using and distributing anything displayed on matsclock.com

The website matsclock.com and its subdomains also may recommend many software that my be downloaded from third party software vendor websites. These software have not been tested or proven by time.matsclock.com or matsclock.com These recommendations are purely for evaluation purposes. matsclock.com or its subdomain time.matsclock.com or its creators are not liable for any loss or damages caused by the use of software reviewed on this website. Use of reviewed or recommended software is not guaranteed, nor is www.matsclock.com and its creators liable for any consequences good or bad as a result of their use.

As a general practice no software except matsclocks are stored by matsclock.com All the software discussed in time.matsclock.com are merely links to the third party software vendor pages listed elsewhere and therefore time.matsclock.com takes no responsibility for any damage or inconvenience caused by these third party software. Due to the complex nature of computers, we cannot guarantee any specific result as related to the use of any third party software discussed on time.matsclock.com or matsclock.com. We do not control the software products you download from a third party vendor site and so we cannot be held responsible for any changes made to them after the time of any write-ups on this site. time.matsclock.com as well as its parent domain matsclock.com use ads from major ad servers which may also drop cookies and may collect information beyond the control of time.matsclock.com or matsclock.com. All users of time.matsclock.com are advised to read the privacy policy of these external sites before disclosing any personal information.

MatsClock Designs
All the MatsClocks designs seen here are original and are not to be copied or duplicated or replicated into any virtual or real clocks and watches (wall clock or grandfather clock or wrist watches or stop clocks etc) without the express permission obtained from the owner of www.matsclock.com However, MatsClock designs can be customised and provided to a buyer at a small cost applicable as decided by MatsClock.com from time to time.

The sub-domain time.matsclock.com  is designed to display current local time in every country in the world. All efforts are made to show the correct time in each country using a separate webpage for each country with a single analog clock displaying time in that country or place, in a 12 hour format which is the standard format and an AM or PM notation inside the analog clock dial to indicate if the time displayed is before noon or after noon. These clocks are not designed to be downloaded, but can be easily and quickly viewed on  your computer, laptop or phones and other devices. Viewers may view the time on time.matsclock.com if they like the way time is displayed.

The Terms of Use discussed above is subject to regular updates. The matsclock.com or its subdomain time.matsclock.com visitors and matsclock users must check back this page regularly.