Earnings Disclaimer

The website http://time.matsclock.com provides analog clocks on its webpages which gives time in various countries in the world mostly on a simple analog clock along with a short description about that country or province or place. The clocks showing you current local time in a place is not designed to be downloaded. The clocks are meant to be viewed on the website online only. http://time.matsclock.com is powered by http://www.matsclock.com  Maintaining a website costs some money and a lot of effort. At present almost all pages in these websites have advertisements mostly from Google and some third party software discussed in a few pages. There may be a few third party software also linked from these pages.

Whenever a user clicks on any advertisement sponsored by Google, we get a small commission from them, which is the only earnings at this time from our website time.matsclock.com.  The site is being maintained and updated purely out of our passion for clocks and time. Our visitors do not have to click on any advertisement or buy them unless the product seen in the advertisement is something they genuinely require. However, in case of third party software linked from this site, we do not get any payment for our visitor clicking on the advertisement. But we get paid an affiliate commission only if the visitor actually buys the product after following the link to the original vendors website and buying the product from the vendor website.

We could have avoided putting advertisements on this website. But it would mean paying all the expenses to host the website going from our hard earned money from our day job. Thus advertisements on our website is unavoidable at this time. The advertisements have been placed in an unobstructive way. Our website visitors are free to suggest any improvement to the website or placement of advertisements. Our visitors need not, we repeat, need not click on any advertisement if they do not like whatever product is being advertised. But we need the money desperately to sustain the website and hence our website visitors are requested to bear with us for the advertisements seen on our website. We are putting in a lot of effort to bring up the standard of time.matsclock.com website in terms of contents and visual appeal and need to be compensated in some way. And the site is absolutely free for our visitors to use and we would like to keep it free in future also.

The Earnings Disclaimer discussed above is subject to regular updates. The matsclock.com or its subdomain time.matsclock.com website visitors and matsclock users must check back this page regularly.